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Battle for Herstmonceux Castle
Medieval Re-enactment Groups
Medieval Re-enactment Groups
Medieval Re-enactment Groups
Medieval Re-enactment Groups Medieval Re-enactment Groups
Medieval Re-enactment Groups
Medieval Re-enactment Groups

Medieval Re-enactment Group Invitation for England's Medieval Festival at Herstmonceux CAstle

It is with pleasure that we invite you to Britain's largest celebration of the colourful middle ages where History Has Never Been Such Fun!

Registration is now taking place for Re-enactors, both as individuals and group members, for participation at Englands Medieval Festival on the 24th, 25th and 26th August 2019. http://englandsmedievalfestival.com/medieval/participants-info/re-enactors/application-form.html

Featured this year is the traditional morning and afternoon Siege of the Castle with the Grande Parade prior to each battle; the English Longbow and Crossbow Archery Competition (for all ages), the Royal Jousting Tournament, the Knights Foot Tournie and returning Skill-at-Arms competition for mounted Knights and Squires.

The Village Stage & Castle Stage, Buxom Wench, Knights & Jesters Taverns, Witches Circle, Castle Cloisters, Knights Training Ground, Robin Hood Adventure Forest, and many more locations will be alive with Musicians, Singers, Jugglers, Storytellers, Performers and General Exhibitionists of all kinds .... all are welcome!

Living History encampments will be erected around the site and there are cash prizes for the Living History Competition that will be awarded for the most interesting and authentic groups. Details can be found on the website.

In the evening (and during the days) there are a huge variety food and beer marquees with live entertainment; and we offer discounts at the bars for all re-enactors. For families we also have two outdoor cinema shows each night as well as stargazing talks plus stories around the communal campfire. Bed and breakfast accommodation and glamping is available within the grounds, and there is free on-site camping with hot showers.

Groups and individuals wishing to attend the Festival must register online. Registering the correct names is essential as those not listed will not be admitted to the festival grounds, living history areas or general camping areas, and will be considered members of the public and charged entrance. A link follows to the appropriate page on the website: http://englandsmedievalfestival.com/medieval/participants-info/re-enactors/application-form.html

Information regarding the weekend will be emailed closer to the event and upon registration.

International Groups who require a letter for British Customs in order to bring in weapons, please request this in advance.

The campsite is open only for participants. Please read the 'General Regulations' information carefully, it contains relevant information on the campsite. During the Festival opening hours, only those in costume will be permitted on to the site from the campsite; those not in costume will be admitted only as a paying member of the public.

A meeting will be held on Friday night at 8pm in The Buxom Wench Tavern. Both the Bar and Food will offer discounts at night.

There are five stages on the festival site, which have available times for musicians, performers and exhibitionists of any sort or level of ability to perform for the crowd. If anyone in your group would like to go on stage, please advise in your application form or with a follow-up email to info@mgel.com.

Expenses will NOT be paid to groups except by prearrangement. All medieval participants are entitled to sell hand made goods or medieval products to help subsidise their travel costs. There will be no fee for those living history demonstrators. A registration fee is payable by all other medieval traders. The medieval trader registration form must be completed in advance in order for space to be allocated.

We look forward to welcoming you all to England's Medieval Festival at Herstmonceux Castle.